Have an event coming up – showers, receptions or family dinner – leave the cooking to us and enjoy yourself with a night off!  Saves shopping, cooking and dishes. 


Tuesday June 16th


3 pancakes, 2 eggs, sausage patty 5


Mac n cheese assortment – cheeseburger mac n cheese – adult (gorgonzola, bacon and sautéed onion) – ham and broccoli – chorizo and sautéed peppers  5


Baked potato with choice of toppings 4


Salads 7 tossed salads with various toppings


Tomato stuffed with tuna 6


Tomato stuffed with egg salad 6


Zucchini boats – fresh zucchini stuffed with scrambled eggs, veggies and cheese 5


French Dip – our slow roasted beef au jus 6


Need help with all the events that have snuck up on you.  Need to bring a dessert or side dish we can handle that too.  203 304-9740

Remember us when you need some catering done.  We do custom catering – get what you want – small jobs or large jobs – let’s chat and see what will work for you.  (203)304-9740.

 Having a gathering or going to a potluck give us a call we can do the cooking for you (203)304-9740

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Our goal is to have you feel welcome as you choose from our fresh foods, in-house baked goods, and daily specials.  You can find the specials on our Facebook page, or go to the contact page and sign up for faxes.  Sit back and enjoy the TV and wifi while enjoying the camaraderie of your coworkers and neighbors.  At the end of a long day stop in to bring a meal home to share with your families. We will be open 6:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday thru Friday.  We also do custom catering.